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HER ONE THING: Sharing a Message of Kindness

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Grace of @GracePlaceArt seeks to start a kindness revolution using art and thoughtful messages to make the world a better place.

Grace, a young woman with Down Syndrome, uses her talents as an artist to fulfill a threefold mission of awareness, kindness, and inclusion. She hopes to bring exposure and representation to the Down Syndrome community while empowering everyone to follow their dreams no matter how wild. Going even further, she dedicates a portion of all profits from her art and greeting card business to various organizations supporting the special needs community.


Grace's guiding force is one of kindness. The anchor of her business, greeting cards, are designed to be shared with others sending a wave of love into the universe. This summer, she's launching Grace's Kindness Cards Challenge encouraging each of us to join her in spreading kindness this summer by gifting cards to strangers. You can share your little act of kindness by tagging @gracplaceart and using #kindnesscardschallenge. She will match it with her own kindness card surprise. Visit her shop at GracePlace Art to get your own kindness kit and get ready to spread the love!



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