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HER ONE THING: Sharing a Message of Wellness and Body Positivity While Promoting Nature

@KanoaGreene has taken her One Thing globally challenging body-type norms and encouraging everyone of every size to love themselves and the world around them.

Kanoa, an internationally celebrated fitness and yoga instructor embraces adventure while creating a space for plus-size bodies in the outdoor industry. Bravely sharing her story publicly while encouraging others, she has gained media attention and an international following. @KanoaGreene writes "It still amazes me just how far I've come...and how much I've grown on this journey of appreciating and loving the body I'm in because there was a time when I wouldn't show up...No matter where you are in your journey, realize how fabulous you are right absolutely beautiful and perfect you are right in this very moment. Stop focusing on loving the person you will become but loving the amazing person you are today...that's your starting place.” Putting this message into action, Kanoa embraces each day staying active while connecting with nature and those around her. She uses social media as her platform posting adventures from around the world authentically living her best life and motivating others.


Kanoa is an inspiration with currently 27.9 K Instagram followers, recognition from @GoodMorningAmerica @SelfMagazine @Essence @Shape @GlamourMag, a growing outdoor fitness business and loads of fans! To learn more about Kanoa’s amazing journey, visit @KANOAGREENE or check out her website KANOA GREENE to find free workouts, upcoming plus-size retreats, and fitness gear. Remember, it all starts with ONE THING!



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