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TRY THIS ONE THING: Harvest Rainwater

Did you know that collecting rainwater, known as water recycling or reclamation, provides significant environmental benefits?

Though often overlooked, water recycling plays an important part in the preservation of our limited freshwater supply. Large scale water treatment is adjusted to match usage. Less treated water is used for irrigation, industrial processes, and the replenishment of our groundwater basin while water treated to higher standards is used for human consumption. This locally controlled system is dependable and offers significant environmental benefits including preservation of sensitive ecosystems, enhancement of wetlands and management of water pollution (Environmental Protection Agency, EPA).


We can all participate in water reclamation as a way to preserve our freshwater resources. Collecting rainwater for use on gardens and landscapes is easy, cost effective, and good for plants. Information from the EPA states that it's possible to collect up to 500 gallons of water during a single rainstorm. Check with your city's governing agency to learn about the ordinances regarding rain barrels and rainwater collection.

To learn more about setting up your own water collection system, check out this article Collecting Rainwater For The Garden: A Step-By-Step Guide from The Farmer's Almanac and MAKE IT YOUR ONE THING.



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