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TRY THIS ONE THING: Learn About and Help to Save the Bees!

Did you know that many pollinators, including bees, are endangered?

Almost 90% of the world’s plant species need pollinators to reproduce. However, many of these creatures are at risk. Bees, for example, are in significant decline and need our help before it's too late. The process of pollination occurs as bees move from plant to plant in search of nectar, a sugary liquid made by flowers. Bees collect this nectar to make honey. As they do, pollen gets stuck in the tiny hairs on their bodies and is spread. This pollen generates seed production in each plant while ensuring diversity. This simple process is important to all types of vegetation from the smallest plants to the tallest trees. It is the basis for entire ecosystems including tropical forests, woodlands, and prairies. These complex environments support life, balance carbon in our atmosphere, and guarantee ecological succession.


Learn more about and help to save bees! You can start by: · planting a bee garden. · giving up the use of chemicals on outdoor plants. · adding shallow water or “bee baths” to your yard. · building homes for native bees such as bee houses or wood piles. · becoming a beekeeper or supporting local beekeepers. · teaching others about bees. · hosting your own pollinator fundraiser. · donating to and joining bee protection organizations. To learn more about taking action, visit The Bee Conservancy and MAKE IT YOUR ONE THING!



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