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Did you know that the average American buys a new piece of clothing once every five days?

In our fast-paced culture, fashion is dictated by trends with designs that change every season. Priced to sell, clothing is considered disposable and sent to landfills at a rate of 13 million tons each year. It is estimated that U.S. consumers throw away up to 85% of their clothes annually. It takes over 200 years for a piece of clothing to decompose in a landfill generating methane gas and releasing toxic chemicals and dyes into groundwater and surrounding land. The clothes industry requires large amounts of these chemicals plus water, energy, and natural resources to produce garments that are quickly turned to trash.


By replacing “fast fashion” trends with a “slow fashion” approach to consumerism, we can make a positive change in our environment. When making clothing purchases, look for timeless designs that are made from sustainable, natural products made to last. Purchase labels that are transparent in their business practices and who pay their employees a living wage. When you’re ready to make a change, take used items to charity thrift stores, have a garage sale, or sell on consignment. Quality items have resale value. You can make your ONE THING an even bigger thing by taking the money you make and donating to a local non-profit. That way you'll be helping them do their ONE THING, too. To learn more about the Slow Fashion Movement, visit the Slow Fashion Movement. Give it a try and MAKE IT YOUR ONE THING.

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