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TRY THIS ONE THING: Throw Used Coffee Grounds in the Yard or Garden

Did you know that globally we consume over 2.25 billion cups of coffee each day?

It takes an incredible 9 million tons of ground coffee each year to keep us going. After enjoying our morning cup, wasted grounds are sent to landfills where they decompose emitting methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas twenty-five times more harmful than carbon dioxide to our atmosphere.


Repurpose those used coffee grounds to replenish the soil. Coffee beans grow on plants and are 100% compostable, but you don’t have to have a compost pile to take advantage of this natural fertilizer. Rinse the grounds to neutralize their pH levels and sprinkle them on the grass or around plants in the garden. This adds organic material to the soil which will help microorganisms thrive and attract earthworms. It can also reduce pests. Don’t waste that leftover coffee in the pot, either. Dilute it with some added water and use it on potted plants. Visit this United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website to learn more about the importance of reducing methane gas emissions in our landfills. Give it a try and MAKE IT YOUR ONE THING.



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