Educational Materials Including Videos and Digital Lessons About our Environment and the Climate Crisis

One Thing for Kids, an outreach of the One Thing Movement, is a program designed to create quality digital learning materials for children. In partnership with the Climate Council of Greater Kansas City, we offer videos and lessons created by teachers to educate on issues in our environment.


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Unit 1: Climate Change and the Climate Crisis


Click the image to view the complete video on YouTube.

This digital unit on climate change and the climate crisis is the first in a series focused on understanding what the climate crisis is while providing ways to make a difference. This unit, divided into 6 individual lessons, includes animated video clips, reading passages, interactive digital activities and off-screen projects presented to meet varied learning styles and abilities.

Visit our Store Page to get your Unit 1 download. This unit is available as an interactive powerpoint presentation with instructions and supplemental materials embedded in the presentation for ease of learning and fun.